September Society Wrap-Up: A trip through Northeastern Italy

Northeast Italy.jpg

September’s meeting was a meander through North East Italy - we began the evening with a beautiful Adami Bosco deGica Brut Prosecco from Veneto. Following, Scarbolo 2016 Pino Grigio from Fruili & Alois Lageder 2016 Pino Bianco from Alto Adige-Alois to round out the whites. A 2016 Lagrein by Elena Walch from Alto Adige-Elena and a 2016 Schiava from Elena Walch in Alto Adige-Elena. Last, we tasted a 2015 Corvina by Scaia in Veneto.

Many thanks to our friend, Tracy Bogue, who selected the line-up and expertly walked us through the region and the stories behind the labels.

Photo Credit: Sybill Haley Photography

What We Liked


CARRISA’S PICK: Scarbolo Pinot Grigio

This is going to come a bit of a shock to those who know me - more often than not I tend to go for the red vs. white wine options, but after this "trip" to northern Italy, I'm going to say that the Scarbolo Pinot Grigio was my favorite. It was surprisingly rich for a Pinot Grigio - which we found out was due to this wine spending 6 months on the lees. I brought home 6 bottles, it was that good!

CORINNE’S PICK: 2015 Scaia Corvina


Chilled with a slight mist in fall air outside, a hearty book, kitten curled up beside me on the couch under a warm throw with a sturdy dish of baked pasta in a slow-cooked sauce and spicy Italian sausage in the oven, while in front of the fireplace – that’s what this wine feels like to me! The ideal fall drinker as the weather turns and you pull your cozy sweaters out and think about gathering with your nearest and dearest. Kind of fell in love with the Scaia 2015 Corvina from Veneto – it is so unique from the usual Cali line up of wines - often the usual. This wine is reminiscent of a rich Amarone, with beautiful grape fruit coming through, ending with a smudge of campfire. Somehow, it reminds me of something Hemingway would have enjoyed – it conjures up that kind of rustic and layered literary adventure.


HOLLY’S PICK: 2015 Scaia Corvina

I truly loved each bottle presented this month, and it is no wonder: each selection was picked with my specific palate in mind. These kinds of things hapen when your friends in the industry know what you love. That being said, the shining star for me that evening was the 2015 Scaia Corvina from the Veneto region. 

Medium bodied with a beautiful ruby color, this wine in the glass is rich enough to stand up to steak tartare (I tested it) as well as light enough to drink alone. Reminiscent of a cool climate pinot noir; the balance of red berries with spice, and leather create a veritable symphony in the glass. And at $13 a bottle, my wallet likes it too. 


October’s Meeting: We’ll journey to the South of France and Edu-Taste our way through the Languedoc Region and its surrounding area. Want to join us? Be sure to RSVP, seats are limited.