VITch Philosophy

VITch /vich/ adj. A term describing a woman who is smart, saavy, and knows her libatious palate.  

Ladies, there is wine tasting and then there is next level wine tasting.

Part edu-tasting club, part social club, part guide to living a life well drunk; The Society of VITches was created to be fun, monthly meet-ups to see friends (and meet new ones!), and get to know wine and spirits a little out of your comfort zone. We are women that crave new experiences that lead us to travel and taste; we want to understand what we are drinking, and discover regions we hadn't been exposed to; we wanted to learn more about our personal palates, so we felt confident when faced with a wine and spirits list. 

Simply put: Our mission is to educate through experiences, empower confidence in your libation choices, and encourage all Vitches to step out of the box and step away from the Chardonnay- or find the one that sings to you! 



Monthly themed Edu-Tastings in a fun, and low key atmosphere that allow you to get to know what you like.



Make it a night with your girlfriends, or connect and widen your circle.



Taste through regions outside of your typical, and get to know your palate.