Smart. Saavy. Booze Snobs. 3 women and 3 palates celebrating the best of a life well drunk.




Loves small producers and garagistes. French Roses and Spanish wines. Knows her way around a good bottle of scotch, tequila, and vodka. 

Carrisa is a small-town girl, who left home to forge the mean streets of finance in New York City. True love brought her back home, but her passion for looking outside of her back yard will never die. Born into a wine and hospitality pedigree, she hob nobs with the tip top of the international wine scene- but doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty in the picking bin. Carrisa’s focus is to simply make wine less intimidating, break down fears, and create an atmosphere of comfort when tasting. But then, the same could be said for her love of tequila, and scotch- two typically male oriented liquors. Dog-Mom to Bina, and a soon-to-be-Mrs, Carrisa can be found travelling the world and recreating the dishes she fell in love with back home.   



Sancerre and bubbles. Port and French Rose. You can find her in quaint cocktail bars sipping bourbon and cognac

A business owner with deep roots in business development, marketing, design & community development, Corinne gained a keen appreciation of wine after being transplanted on the Central Coast of California from Canada. For her, the history, geography, and story are as important as the actual drinking of the nectar. Happiest travelling and drinking in words, stories, great food and experiences. Favorite adventures include the Turkish Coast & Greek Islands, Istanbul and Paris over and over again. Unabashed Francophile who loves rosé, pinot noir, Sancerre, port, bourbon and vodka. Always seeking new flavors and new friends.

Holly Station.jpg


True Bubblyphile that never says no to Champagne. Crisp whites and funky, barnyard reds. Can discern a dirty cowboy from a brokeback pinot. Drinks her whiskey small batch, loves a West Coast Gin. 

A seasoned creative and festival producer focusing on libations, Holly's foray into the world of drank began with a simple bottle of Boone's Farm over 20 years ago. While her palate has aged, her spirit for diving in and finding new favorites has not- you'll find her nose in the glass first. Holly's passion focuses on small production and artisinally crafted wines and spirits- show her a Winemaker with a side-hustle wine, and she'll show you her glass. For her, the culmination of art and science is what fuels her fascination when savoring a glass. Hobbies include interacting with friends and loved ones over good bottles, and a cheese plate. A true Bubblyphile who does not discriminate her Sparkling Wines, she is 100% positive that she left her heart in France, and is currently plotting her next escape.